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Dr. Olive B. Luewing:

Unnatural Histories


A series of handpainted lithographs inspired by the book, Life Stories, by Sir David Attenborough. This series was created by Carol Hodson in collaboration with Dr. Olive B. Luewing. Each image below was printed in a limited edition of ten on 18" x 24" BFK Rives.

Bachelor Bower Bird – “…he himself has glossy blue plumage and a glittering blue eye. It is as though the blue things he collects for his bower-blueberries, even bits of blue plastic – become extensions of his body.” - D.A. 

Three-Toed Sloth & Halloween Meerkat - What would you like to be, people sometimes ask, if you came back to earth as an animal? ‘A sloth’, I say. 'And why? Because it spends most of its time hanging upside down from a branch in the tropical rain forest – dozing.’ - D.A.


Magicicada Madonna “These cicadas in the midwestern United States spend 17 whole years below ground, sucking sap from tree roots. And then within a few days, a whole population emerges. There may be millions of them....” - D.A. 


The Dodo & The Olinquito -“The Dodos, big, fat, and flightless, were also defenseless. The sailors were hungry, desperate for fresh food, for fresh meat.” – D.A.


Evidence of Intrepid Men - “[Darwin] was still at this stage when he was invited to join the H.M.S Beagle… Everywhere the Beagle went, young Darwin eagerly went ashore and collected – fossils, plants, mammal skins, shells…”- D.A.

Beloved EndlingsBenjamin & George - “This is the rarest living animal in all the world. There is none rarer. This is Lonesome George. He’s about the same age as I am but his story starts a very long time ago in the 17th century” – D.A.

Earthworm Behavior under Night Sky “But perhaps [the] most remarkable creature is a gentle, extremely delicate colossus few have had the privilege of glimpsing: the giant Gippsland earthworm, which can grow to some six feet long” – D.A.

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