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Artist’s Statement

Since I was a child, my artistic process was to reach inward, then offer outward, a thousand imperfect depictions of the stuff of my life. This work was never "pretty"

Now, my artistic process requires that I inwardly still myself so that something more universal can reach through my art and connect me to others.


When this is effective, the resulting artwork can hold all of the imperfections that make us human and while this is not pretty either, it can be profoundly beautiful.     -ch


Abbreviated C. V.


1960 - 1978         Connecticut                   Being born, Mr. Donelly's art class, puberty.


1978 - 1987          New York                        Angsty self-absorbed art with a post-punk influence.


1987 - 1989          Philadelphia                    Performance art events including exploding hairdos, dancing                                                                                              trees, neurotic  puppets, & found footage of a brain surgery.                                                                        

1990 - 2015         St. Louis                          Blurring the boundaries of art & life - becoming more me.


2015 - 2018         St. Louis                          The Short Life of  Dr. Olive B. Luewing, Carol Hodson's  former                                                                                        "permissioned self".  


2018 - 2021         St. Louis                           Neurobotanicals: preliminary research, drawings, and prints.

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Carol Hodson's work as an artist is highly influenced by her private practice as a trauma-informed Expressive Arts Therapist LMHC, REAT, SEP.  For inquiries regarding Carol Hodson's theory & scope of practice, or to schedule a free consultation visit:

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