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The Concept

And then the world went into quarantine...


A constant newsfeed played in my head, my home was strangely quiet, and my heart ached. I turned to my studio and began to draw, beginning with a simple circle, which suggested the amount of information that I could safely “wrap my arms around” each day.  As themes became manifest, they merged and resonated with each other: the death of my mother, tending my garden, police shootings, divisive politics, the rising death toll, two full moons in one month. Always, in the background, the Corona Virus lurked. On Instagram, I shared details from each drawing session. One friend commented that each post was like a glimpse into a microscope - a frenzied wiggling of life and death under close scrutiny. Another told me that she was reminded of a telescopic view - that somehow, the swirling images granted her distance and a calming shift of perspective.


This series, like the pandemic, is ongoing. 

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